Our Missionaries

Nathan and Kristin Muse

We are thankful for the Muse family faithfully serving in Australia. It is a blessing to see their diligent work among the Australians, and their desire to see souls come to know Jesus as Savior.

Nathan and Kristin Muse

Nathan and Kristin, along with their two children, Jack and Alistair, are currently bringing the Gospel to Australia

We rejoice in the Richert family with their outreach to the people in Papua, New Guinea. Their humble, kind spirits are an encouragement to the missionaries, along with Courtneys' nursing skills, and Brads' piloting experience. 

Brad and Courtney Richert

We support the Wisconsin Family Council and are grateful for the work of Julaine Appling. She has a heartfelt desire to address political issues in a spiritual manner, and would love to see God revive and change our nation.

Wisconsin Family Council

Keith and Julia Klause

It has been an inspiration to support the Klaus family in Germany. It is a joy to see their commitment to the German people, and their spirit- filled attitude in reaching lives for the Lord. They have been honoring our Lord there 17 years, and have seen many saved and baptized.

The Voice of the Martyrs is a prayerful ministry that prays for, and desires to help peoples, churches, and institutions in foreign countries  abroad, or in this country where Christianity is abused and not welcomed. Their ministry is difficult but much needed.

Voice of the Martyrs (VOM)

Wisconsin Inmate Education Association is a ministry that believes in a "Jesus forgives salvation,"and they have seen many prisoners saved, and living a Holy Spirit changed life. We are thankful for this caring ministry.

Wisconsin Inmate Education Association